Gorgeous Shop in Salisbury

If you are looking for someone that gives you that “one and one” time, has all different shapes and sizes and the determination to really help you find your “it” dress (even when you don’t know what “it” is yet) …then look no further! Monica, at Bellissima, has created this gorgeous shop in Salisbury that just makes you feel like you never want to leave. It’s swanky, crisp and such a beautiful space that makes so pleasant to be in! Not to mention Monica, is one of the most genuine, caring and thoughtful women I have ever met! You can really tell she cares about her brides and her passion for her store shines bright!
My first appointment, I brought my mother along, while I started to get a better feel of what I wanted. Monica hand selected gowns to help me get a better understand of the different shapes! I would recommend EVERY bride doing this! Let her pull these for you!! This helped me tremendously, but confused me (in a good way) because every gown was so beautiful!
Her selections of gowns might not seem large to the eye but I know from experience Bellissima, will deliver! The way she has her store set up is so neat because you can actually see the gowns! This is very pleasant! When comparing pricing I felt like Bellissima was very reasonable considering the quality of her selections.
Another thing that I loved about my first appointment was Monica’s assistance in the dressing room It really helps when the professional is there even before you can look in the mirror to adjust and place things where they need to be! She did a wonderful job at clipping the dress so I could get a better feel of how it would look when it would be when the proper size and tailoring. If I had been thrown into a room by myself I would have probably skipped so many gorgeous gowns!
Monica, carries a great selection of sashes, broaches, overlays and so many different accessories that your options are endless! No need to drive look in big city for beautiful designer gowns!!


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