Bellissima has a gorgeous selection of veils designed by Jennifer Leigh and Erin Cole.  

 How do I select a veil?

Next to the wedding dress, the veil
is considered by many to be the most important part of the bridal attire.
Generally, the style of your dress dictates the type of veil you should wear,
so finding the perfect gown should be your first step. There are several
lengths and styles of veils, so here are some tips on choosing the right veil
for you.

         Cage – A cage or birdcage veil is the shortest of all veils,
measuring just long enough to cover the face. This style of veil is made of
netting rather than the traditional fine-mesh veil fabrics. This is an elegant
and glamorous look for the modern bride and pairs nicely with a simpler
silhouette such as a sheath gown.

         Flyaway – A Flyaway veil is very short, hitting just above the
shoulders. This style is most appropriate for daytime weddings and looks best
with a simple gown, a shorter dress such as cocktail or tea length, or a
wedding suit. This veil is a fun alternative to the long, traditional veils.

         Elbow-length – An Elbow-length veil, as the name implies, reaches just to
the elbow. It’s a simple style that can work with most wedding gowns. However,
if you are trying to achieve a very formal look, a longer veil is more

         Fingertip – A Fingertip veil reaches the fingertips when the arms lie
straight along one’s sides. This length is a perfect in-between length – it’s
more formal than shorter styles but less dressy and dramatic than longer

         Cathedral – A Cathedral veil is a floor length veil worn with formal
wedding gowns. The veil should extend at least six inches past the train of the
gown. This look is sophisticated and beautiful and a perfect complement to a
ball gown.

         Chapel – A Chapel veil is the longest style, reaching to the floor and
extending up to three feet past the hem of the dress. The length of this style
creates a gorgeous and dramatic look.

         Mantilla – A Mantilla is a long, Spanish-style circular piece of lace
that frames the face. This type of veil is usually made of all lace or of tulle
that has a lace edge all the way around it. This is a very romantic statement.

         Blusher – A blusher is the part of the veil that covers the face during
the first part of the ceremony and is swept back either by the father of the
bride as he gives her away, or later by the groom before the kiss-the-bride
moment. A blusher can be worn with any style or length of veil. It should fall
between the bottom of the neck and the bust.

Double Tiered – A Double Tiered veil is simply a veil of two layers, with one
generally being longer than the other. One benefit of a tiered veil is that it
allows the bride to remove the longer layer after the ceremony while keeping
the shorter layer on.