Introducing Kelly Faetanini

Introducing Kelly Faetanini

We are so excited to have the Kelly Faetanini collection at Bellissima. Kelly Faetanini (pronounced fay-tuh-ne-ne) is an accomplished bridal gown designer inspired by romance, femininity and glamour. Her ambition and lifetime aspiration is to create luxurious yet accessible customized wedding gowns for brides around the world.

Kelly’s enthusiasm for glamorous and elegant gowns started early in life. Growing up in the Midwest, her grandmother taught her the fine art of tailoring and encouraged Kelly’s creativity and innate ability to design dresses. Kelly pursued her talent and passion throughout her youth and set off for the International Academy of Design & Technology in Chicago to continue her studies. Her love of romance and whimsy led Kelly directly to bridal gown design.

After graduating, Kelly moved to New York City to pursue her designer dreams. She began her career as a design and sales representative for a bridal boutique. There, she mastered both the business and creative sides of the bridal industry gaining hands on experience with brides.

Kelly was soon offered an opportunity to join the influential American bridal couture house Priscilla of Boston, founded over sixty-five years ago. There, Kelly collaborated in the design and development of the namesake Priscilla of Boston bridal and bridesmaid collections. While at the company, Kelly was mentored by iconic bridal designers such as Kenneth Pool and Melissa Sweet.

As the Priscilla of Boston bridal group expanded, Kelly was chosen to launch and design a new collection, Jewel by Priscilla of Boston, which focused on the youthful princess bride. Kelly excelled in offering brides the perfect designer gown at an attainable price. Soon the desire to fulfill her own dreams led Kelly to conceive her eponymous collection for the April 2012 bridal market.

Kelly Faetanini offers brides romantic, feminine and fresh styles with Kelly’s signature customizations. Using her years of bridal design experience to guide her, Kelly strives to create exquisite high end designs. Her gowns are fluid, lightweight and created from tulle, organza, satin and lace. Ease of movement and individuality are the key aspects that drive Kelly’s designs.

Kelly’s May 2012 wedding will coincide with the unveiling of her innovative bridal collection. Planning her own wedding (and of course, designing her own gown!) has given Kelly an even deeper understanding of the value and luxury of a custom creation. This inspiration has sealed Kelly’s mission to create a magnificent luxury experience for each bride, offering the opportunity to make each bride’s wedding gown truly her own.