Bellissima: /bεl-ee’-see-mah/ Italian “the most beautiful”



A beautiful bridal boutique nestled in Winston Salem between the charming West End and Buena Vista neighborhoods.

Bellissima was founded on the belief that kindness, respect and graciousness create sacred moments. That finding the perfect gown for every bride is not just about the “gown” but empowering every woman to feel the very best on their most important day.

At Bellissima we share your memories and hold them dear. We celebrate milestones within our beautiful walls. We find beauty in all the details and strive to make the little things as important as the big ones. We will keep your secrets like a well trusted friend and are humbled that you have shared them with us.

Bellissima Brides are graceful and discerning. They share the same love of southern hospitality and timelessness that we do. Above all Bellissima Brides are beautiful. We invite you to become a Bellissima Bride.

Meet Our Team


I opened the doors of Bellissima in 2012 in hopes that my beautiful boutique would create amazing moments for brides and their families. After a decade,  I am humbled to have been apart of thousands of weddings and new beginnings. Witnessing not only the love between a bride and groom but a mom and daughter, sisters, friends, etc makes my heart smile.

The story of my life is to create beautiful moments for others as well as my family and friends. I am so proud of Bellissima and all the hard work that has gone into this lovely space and am honored in every way that you choose Bellissima to be a part of your story.