Collared Greens

bowtieWe haven’t forgotten about the guys. We can help find the perfect tie for everyone in your wedding party.


Collared Greens believes that elegance and eco-consciousness can coexist, and has combined these ideals in an effort to redefine American fashion with forward-thinking and timeless style.  Collared Greens was founded in the outdoor mecca of Sun Valley, Idaho by a group of passionate outdoor enthusiasts.  We believed in creating a business that would both support and create American jobs, as well as conserve and protect the environment.  Created using environmentally friendly materials and practices, our now North Carolina based company features a distinctive line of neckwear, organic cotton knits and t-shirts, belts, and accessories.

Why “Collared Greens?” First, it’s a word play on the delicious Southern dish collard greens. Secondly, most of our products either include or are worn with a collar. As you may have guessed, our polar bear brand symbol was suggested by this magnificent animal’s status as an iconic endangered species.

Founded in 2008, the CG/24 conservation project is a company-wide commitment to help raise awareness and support for the environment.  Each year, Collared Greens supports the mission of three to four non-profit organizations whose work focuses solely on conservation. In 2012, Collared Greens partnered with Polar Bears International, The Chesapeake Bay Foundation, the Appalachian Trail Conservancy, and Trout Unlimited.  These organizations were chosen by the very people who make this possible, our valued customers.

Through the efforts of the CG/24 conservation project, Collared Greens donates 1% of sales on behalf of the worldwide organization, “1% For The Planet,” and 1% of profits on behalf of the CG/24 initiative.  The company also offsets its carbon footprint with Native Energy.