Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

Charlotte brides often ask why
Bellissima is by appointment only, why we ask for your budget, and other
questions about the store. Let us take a moment and explain the store policies,
the reasoning behind them and why we do what we do.

1.Why appointment only? – Bellissima is a luxury boutique experience
with private appointment rooms and, therefore, smaller seating areas. We want
to ensure that all of our Charlotte brides searching for their wedding dress receive the same opportunities and service, so
we are limited to the number of appointments each day. We have two ways you can
schedule an appointment, by phone (704-754-5330) or email
( We know it is completely different than the
“big box” or larger stores in the area but we are striving for quality over
quantity. We will sacrifice sales for serving our brides in a beautiful private

2.Why don’t you answer the phone during an appointment? Our focus is on
the bride with as little distraction as possible. We cannot focus on the
bride’s needs if we are running for the phone. So, we hope that our Charlotte brides
will understand and leave us a message so that we may return their call
after we are finished with our appointments. After all, we want YOU to have the
same experience!

3.Why does the consultant assist the bride in the dressing room?
Wedding gowns are intricate garments with built in bras, buttons and layers of
fabric and crinoline, therefore tricky to get on and off. The salon pays for
each and every gown in the salon and tries to keep them in the best possible condition
for our brides. Many times brides that do not have time to order a gown will
buy one off the rack, so we want these gowns to be in the best possible shape.
So, please keep in mind that “the sample” gown you try on will be someone’s
actual wedding gown!

4.Why do you only allow the consultants to sort through the gowns?
There are a couple of reasons why we do this. First, we walk each bride through
every gown in her budget. Second, it
protects the gowns. Many gowns are hand beaded and we want them to remain as pristine
as possible.

5.Why do you ask my price range and limit my selections based on this? Well,
you’ve seen it a hundred times on TV, the bride will try on a gown out of her
price range, fall in love with it and then can’t have it because of the price.
It is not Bellissima’s goal to sell you the most expensive dress; it is our
goal to sell you the right dress. The ladies on “Say Yes to the Dress” ask your
budget and so do we! It’s all in your best interest!